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The Comprehensive Patent Search: How It Can Be a Costly Mistake if Done Incorrectly

Comprehensive Patent Search

The Comprehensive Patent Search

As an Inventor, you know that the first and foremost task is coming up with a great idea!  An idea that has the potential to impress the world and make you some money.  But beyond coming up with that idea, no easy task mind you, the remainder of the process of getting an idea from mind to market can seem a bit daunting. It is also a process that can be riddled with challenges and is ripe with opportunity to make costly mistakes. 

Avoiding a Costly Mistake

So how do you avoid those costly mistakes that have the potential to completely derail your success?  One of the most important steps, and a step that should occur at the very start of your journey, is to get a Comprehensive Patent Search done by an Independent Third Party. 

I want to stress the importance of both components of this statement as both are equally critical.

comprehensive patent search
We search the world

I have written a sister article called “The Importance of Using an Idependent Third Party to complete your Comprehensive Patent Search”. The use of an independent third party is also a critical element of the patent search process being done correctly. Please check it out at:

What is a Comprehensive Patent Search? 

What do I mean by Comprehensive?  In this specific case I am referring to the need to get a patent search done for existing patents on an international scale, not just a domestic one.  The search needs to cover not only what is on the market, but what is part of the public domain. And finally, it needs to address the time gap that exists for patents that have been applied for, but not yet granted. 

That sounds like a lot more to cover than just a google search, huh?  It is.  It’s also the reason that using a reputable patent search company is so necessary.  Your decision to move forward with getting your idea to market will be based on two concepts. The first is whether or not you have grounds for a good patent moving forward. The second is whether or not one can be written that won’t infringe on anything existing in the world.

Domestic Versus International Searches

Unfortunately a common mistake many inventors make deals with the international versus domestic search. The erroneously belive that if they only want to sell their idea in the United States, then they only need to research what has been done domestically.  But that is not how the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) sees it. Nor is it what they consider when determining if a patent is issued. 

The USPTO will always look on an international scale for patent infringement before issuing a new patent.  That’s why an important component of any Comprehensive Patent Search is to completely research at the international level and report back anything that may exist in other countries.

Chose Your Patent Searcher Wisely

So what does this mean for you as an inventor?  Y need to be wary of who you use to complete the Comprehensive Patent Search! It is a complicated research process that should only be done by someone familiar with both the USPTO database and the sister international database maintained by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). 

The best option for getting a Comprehensive Patent Search done will always be to have it completed by an Independent Third Party, which will be discussed in the next article. 

This article is sponsored by SearchQuest Patents, a company that works with Inventors to guarantee a Comprehensive Patent Search Report is generated for all submissions. Each report is always generated at a flat rate cost. An unbiased professional researcher who specializes in understanding both the USPTO database and the WIPO database conducts every search purchased. 

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