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U.S. Product Search

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U.S. Product Search
U.S. Product Search

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U.S. Product Search

USD $199.00
Find non-patented products across various categories and industries. Explore market trends, customer feedback, and competitive landscape. Unlock insights for your business with our comprehensive product search.
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This is a patent search of non-patented products being sold in the United States (“U.S. Product Search”) Does not include a USPTO Search or a WIPO Search.

When we  are searching for non-patented products in the United States, we can utilize various resources and platforms to find information about commercially available products. Here are some methods we employ:

  1. Online Marketplaces: Websites like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and other e-commerce platforms provide extensive catalogs of products available for purchase. We browse through different categories, read product descriptions, and customer reviews to find non-patented products.

  2. Retailer Websites: Many retailers have their own websites where they list their products. Popular retailers like Target, Best Buy, and Home Depot have online platforms where we search for specific products or explore various categories.

  3. Manufacturer Websites: Some manufacturers have their own websites where they showcase their product lines. We have a comprehensive list of websites of specific brands or manufacturers to find information about their non-patented products.

  4. Product Review Websites: Websites dedicated to product reviews and recommendations can provide detailed assessments and comparisons of various products. We use these resources to help discover non-patented products that meet your specific needs.

  5. Trade Shows and Exhibitions: Attending trade shows and exhibitions relevant to the industry or product category you are interested in can be an excellent way to discover non-patented products. Our researchers are familiar with these resources. These events often showcase new and innovative products that may not yet be widely known.

  6. Social Media and Influencers: Many brands and product manufacturers promote their products through social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. Our search agents know how to conduct relevant searches of  influencers or conducting targeted searches on social media that can lead you to non-patented products that are gaining popularity.

  7. Physical Retail Stores: Local retail stores, department stores, specialty shops, and supermarkets are still viable options for finding non-patented products. We can search these stores and explore their product selections to identify comparable items.

  8. Product Directories: There are online directories and catalogs that list a wide range of products available in the market. These sites can provide information about manufacturers and suppliers offering non-patented products.

It's important to note that while patents are a common form of intellectual property protection, not all products are patented. Many products on the market are not patented or have patents that have expired. Therefore, the options mentioned above should help identify a variety of non-patented products matching your needs.

We recommend upgrading to a comprehensive search as a Patent may not be issued if a product is found internationally or not yet patented. 

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