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Basic USPTO Patents Search

USD $249.00
Basic USPTO Patents Search
Basic USPTO Patents Search
Basic USPTO Patents Search
Basic USPTO Patents Search
Basic USPTO Patents Search
Basic USPTO Patents Search

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Basic USPTO Patents Search

USD $249.00
Model Number: USPTO1
We Search the USPTO patent database and find relevant patent information. Search patent applications, granted patents, images, assignments, and legal status. Make informed decisions with our comprehensive USPTO search.
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  • Description

A patent search limited to the United States Patent & Trademark Office (“USPTO”) files

When conducting a patent search on the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) website, you can access various information and documents related to patents. The USPTO patent search allows you to explore the following:

  1. Patent Applications: You can search and view patent applications that have been filed with the USPTO. This includes both published applications and those that are still pending.

  2. Granted Patents: You can access granted patents, which are patents that have undergone examination and have been issued by the USPTO. These patents are available for public viewing and contain detailed descriptions of the inventions, claims, drawings, and other relevant information.

  3. Patent Images: The USPTO database includes images and drawings associated with granted patents. These visual representations can provide a better understanding of the invention and its features.

  4. Patent Assignments: The USPTO maintains records of patent assignments, which document the transfer of ownership or rights from one entity to another. These assignments can help you identify the current owner of a patent or track its ownership history.

  5. Patent Classification Information: Patents are classified into various technology areas and subclasses. The USPTO employs a classification system to categorize patents based on their subject matter. During a patent search, you can access classification information to find patents related to specific technologies or industries.

  6. Patent File Histories: The file history, also known as the prosecution history, contains all the communications and documents exchanged between the patent applicant and the USPTO during the examination process. It provides insights into the examination and can help understand the patent's scope and limitations.

  7. Patent Citations: Patents often cite prior art, which includes previously granted patents or published patent applications relevant to the invention. These citations can be useful for exploring related inventions or identifying the state of the art in a particular field.

  8. Legal Status: The USPTO database also provides information on the legal status of patents, including information on whether a patent is active, expired, abandoned, or has undergone litigation.

9. It's important to note that while the USPTO patent search database is comprehensive, it may not include all international patents or patent applications. For a broader search, you may need to consult other patent databases or resources. We suggest upgrading to a Comprehensive Search as your application may be denied if an international patent or a product is currently found. Unless you have already completed an international and product search prior or are doing basic research a full search should be done.

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