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Which Patent Search is Best for You?

The first step in filing for a patent search is to determine which search type best fits your needs.
SearchQuest Patents offers 4 options.

1. Comprehensive Search- this search encompasses all three of the above patent searches and offers
the best bang for your buck. We offer the Comprehensive Search at a Discounted, flat rate.

2. USPTO Patent Search- this patent search is limited to the United States Patent & Trademark Office (“USPTO”) files only.

3. WIPO Patent Search- this patent search focuses on the World Intellectual Property Organization files. It’s the equivalent of an international search.

4. Product Search– this patent search consists of non-patented products being sold in the United States. We also refer to this as a “U.S. Product Search”.

What Do You Need to Submit for a Search?

In order to file for a search to be done on your idea, you need to be able to provide the searcher with
details. Those details need to include some type of illustration, which can be submitted in a couple of

(a) take a digital photograph of your invention
(if your invention has already been reduced to physical form)

(b) draw a sketch of your invention if it hasn’t yet been reduced to physical form and then convert the
drawing to digital form by scanning it.

PDF or JPG/JPEG format is required, Rough sketches are acceptable if that’s all you have.
Just be sure to label any parts/components that you can, especially if those labels help to better describe your product and what it does.

There will be a portion of the submission form where you get to provide a detailed written description
of your invention. The more detail you provide at that point, the better. Keep in mind, you aren’t going
to be graded on any of the information you submit, so don’t worry about grammar and punctuation!

I know, English teachers everywhere are rolling their eyes at that. But content is more valuable so try to
be as descriptive as possible. Remember, our searches have never seen this before, and can’t read your
mind. You need to help them “see” what you’re talking about so they can do the best search possible
on your behalf.

How to Submit Your Search

1. Click on the button corresponding to the search option you’ve chosen.

2. You will be prompted to acknowledge your search or given opportunity to upgrade to a comprehensive. A credit card will be required to proceed. Payments are processed securely.

You do not need a PayPal account to complete a PayPal payment. If you don’t have one, use the left-handed side of the PayPal form to enter your credit card information.

Once processed, you will receive an acknowledgment of payment via email. The charge will reflect being made to FLC LLC d/b/a FLeCusa International.

3. Once the payment is completed a form will be displayed that you can proceed with filling out. This
form will be what ultimately ends up in the hands of the searcher.

What to Keep in Mind As You Complete the Form

You will want to take the time to verify that your contact information is correct. This will be the only
information the searcher receives and he/she may need to contact you to request additional
information. Be very sure they have the means to do so. I’m serious, check it at least three times.
The information regarding your invention needs to be as complete as possible. The written description
should describe the photo or drawing that is being submitted or delivered to us.  Again, content matters more than grammar.

When you have completed the form and filled in the “captcha” code at the bottom, you should click the
“submit” button.  This will transmit your information to our order processing department.
All of the information you provide is considered CONFIDENTIAL and will not be shared or sold to any
person or organization.

 NOTE: If you have trouble understanding or otherwise using the order submission page, please send an e-mail that includes your phone number to  Our

Administrator will contact you.

**IMPORTANT DISCLAIMERS:  Please note that if you chose our Comprehensive Search product offering be advised that it includes a “patent and product” search only.  It does not include an evaluation of prior art nor does it deal with the question of whether or not your invention is ultimately patentable.

However, if you desire professional help in evaluating your patent search results, we can provide you
with this service for an additional fee.   Please contact us via e-mail at or by telephone at (720) 535-5220
and we’ll arrange to have one of our IP professionals provide such assistance.

The patents offered in the resulting search report will be a sampling based on the
information provided by the requestor, field of search and the integrity of the patent
collection at the US Patent and Trademark Office, the WIPO and the EPO (“European
Patent Office”).  Patent search is limited by information which can be obtained through
free public access. There is no guarantee made or implied that every patent or piece of
prior art which may be considered relevant is presented in this search report.  No
guarantees are made with regard to how this information is used or interpreted by the

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The patents presented in the ensuing search report are offered as a representative selection, contingent upon the data furnished by the requester, the scope of the search field, and the credibility of the patent repository at the United States Patent and Trademark Office, the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), and the European Patent Office (EPO).

It is important to acknowledge that patent searches are constrained by the information available through freely accessible public channels. Consequently, we cannot assure, either explicitly or implicitly, the inclusion of every relevant patent or piece of prior art within this search report.

Furthermore, no assurances or warranties are extended regarding the recipient’s utilization or interpretation of this information. The recipient assumes full responsibility for the application and comprehension of the contents of this search report.

In addition, we are committed to assisting inventors and requestors in their patent-related endeavors. We can provide access to a network of vetted and trusted legal patent attorneys who can offer professional guidance. Additionally, we offer resources and support groups dedicated to aiding inventors in navigating the process of bringing their products to market. However, it is essential to note that our involvement in connecting requestors with these resources does not constitute legal advice or endorsements. It is advisable to conduct independent due diligence when engaging with any legal professionals or support organizations referred by us.

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